Presenting a close up look at a pristinely well preserved and rare Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn, with 6 code stamps on front face, and Pra Somdej indent on rear face, with bronze wanich and sai rae tong kam golden coating. This is a master class Khun Phaen of LP Tim, which won first prize trophy during the August 2561 BE LP Tim amulet competition of the Samakom Luead Ban Kaay Luang Phu Tim amulet association.

Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn Luang Por Tim

This Model is  Pra Khun Phaen pok Pim Niyom Sao Mee Sen, in Pink Prai Kumarn Powders with Sai rae Tong Kam golde  coating, 6 code stamps on front face, amd Pra Somdej coin impression indented into rear face.  this Amulet won first prize trophy during the highly esteemed Amulet competition of the Luead Ban Kaay Lp Tim Amulets association, for its impressive beauty and originality, in the category of Pra Khun Phaen with coin impressions in rear face.

Luang Phu Tim Issarigo, was of course not only one of the most highly acclaimed and sought after Guru Monks for his amulets in his lifetime, amd posthumously, but is also the holder of the highest esteem in Thai Buddhist amulet history for Pong Prai Kumarn powders. Luang Phu Tim, is Internationally Acclaimed, for his famous Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn, and Look Om powder balls.

As to the classic ‘Rian’ type coin image amulets which have become all time favourites, and eternally, world famous classic amulets of the high end variety. His rian Jaroen Porn, and Rian Nakprok Paed Rorp are amongst the most highly sought after coin amulets of all.

An exquisitely beautiful Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn 2515 BE Pim Yai Niyom Block Tong Hlueang (Block 2) Hlang Dtok Dtaeng Niyom Nuea Chompoo with Khaw Hniaw Suk & Pong Prai Kumarn Ta Bronze Wanich Dtem Ongk, code Sala (crown code stamp), code 3, and quadruple code Pidta embossed on the front face, with the indented image of a Rian Pra Somdej Lor LP Tim embossed into the rear face as an indentation.

Rian Run Pised Luang Por Dhamma Chakra 2537 BE - Nuea Tong Daeng Rom Dam - Wat Nong Ga Nam

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Sacred Image of the Pra Luang Por Dhamma Chakra Buddha (Luang Por Tammajak) embossed on the surface of the black oil finish Sacred copper alchemical alloy coin amulet. Released in the year 2537 BE in Buddha Abhiseka at Wat Nong Ga Nam temple in Chonburi Province.

The rear face of the amulet features Kata Khom Pali Sanskrit Incantations on the upper section, with the Dhamma Chakra Dharma Wheel emblazoned on the central part of the coin.

The front face bears the image of Luang Por Dhamma Chakra Buddha, seated in the posture of the 'Pang Tammajak' Posture, which represents the first sermon, known as 'The Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma'. It is said that once the Buddha gave the first Dhamma sermon (teaching of Truth), he began turning this wheel in motion.

It is said that since that moment of setting the wheel of Dhamma in Motion, that its turning will never stop, until the end of the Universe when all Beings become Enlightened. It is known as the Setting In Motion The Wheel Of Truth, which represents the beginning of the existence of the Buddha-Dhamma on planet earth, and is for Bh once initiated, will never cease to keep turning.

This Buddha coin hence represents a very important moment for all Buddhists to contemplate and remain mindful of, and the teachings contained within are in essence the whole Buddha Dhamma explained as the state of Buddhahood, and the events/attainments which lie on the path to that Enlightened state of Buddhahood.

Luang Por Dhamma Chakra provides Serm Duang (improve fate and destiny), Maha Lap, Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad, as well as Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm, to improve your Karma, increase prosperity, protect and save you from all deadly dangers and enemies, and to increase your friends, and decrease your enemies.

Use the Kāthā Ārātanā Pra Krueang to pray to the amulet

This amulet can best serve for meditation to wear or hold, memorise and visualise the image of Luang Por Dhamma Chakra as the Buddha seated before you, giving the first Sermon. A study of the Dhamma Chakra Sermon to understand its meaning, will deepen the experience of listeni