Presenting a close up look at a pristinely well preserved and rare Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn, with 6 code stamps on front face, and Pra Somdej indent on rear face, with bronze wanich and sai rae tong kam golden coating. This is a master class Khun Phaen of LP Tim, which won first prize trophy during the August 2561 BE LP Tim amulet competition of the Samakom Luead Ban Kaay Luang Phu Tim amulet association.

Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn Luang Por Tim

This Model is  Pra Khun Phaen pok Pim Niyom Sao Mee Sen, in Pink Prai Kumarn Powders with Sai rae Tong Kam golde  coating, 6 code stamps on front face, amd Pra Somdej coin impression indented into rear face.  this Amulet won first prize trophy during the highly esteemed Amulet competition of the Luead Ban Kaay Lp Tim Amulets association, for its impressive beauty and originality, in the category of Pra Khun Phaen with coin impressions in rear face.

Luang Phu Tim Issarigo, was of course not only one of the most highly acclaimed and sought after Guru Monks for his amulets in his lifetime, amd posthumously, but is also the holder of the highest esteem in Thai Buddhist amulet history for Pong Prai Kumarn powders. Luang Phu Tim, is Internationally Acclaimed, for his famous Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn, and Look Om powder balls.

As to the classic ‘Rian’ type coin image amulets which have become all time favourites, and eternally, world famous classic amulets of the high end variety. His rian Jaroen Porn, and Rian Nakprok Paed Rorp are amongst the most highly sought after coin amulets of all.

An exquisitely beautiful Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn 2515 BE Pim Yai Niyom Block Tong Hlueang (Block 2) Hlang Dtok Dtaeng Niyom Nuea Chompoo with Khaw Hniaw Suk & Pong Prai Kumarn Ta Bronze Wanich Dtem Ongk, code Sala (crown code stamp), code 3, and quadruple code Pidta embossed on the front face, with the indented image of a Rian Pra Somdej Lor LP Tim embossed into the rear face as an indentation.

Thai Occult Charms & Talismans Books Triple Pack Amulet Pantheon and Recognition Factors Encyclopaedias

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Triple Pack Collector Set Amulet Pantheon Books of the 'Krueang Rang' Talismanic Occult Charms of the great master monks of Historic Fame, for perusal and study (Text in Thai Language), with clear full colour images of the most preferred talismanic charms from the greatest masters in history, with points of study for authentication as essential reference material for students, collectors and devotees of the great masters and their amulets.

The books contain the following Material

Book 1 (102 Pages); 'Krueang Rang Gan Gae Mitmor Bia Gae Hmak Tui' (Protection Charms and Talismans) - contains Pantheons of Mitmor Ritual Spirit Knives, Bia Gae Cowry Shells, and Hmak Tui Chewed Betel-Areca Nut Charms.

Book 2 (133 Pages); 'Krueang Rang Maha Niyom' (Preferred Talismanic Charms) - contains Pantheons of animist charms including Suea (tigers), Singh (lions), Ling (monkeys), Pae (goats), Mitmor (knives), Kala (carved coconut shell), Bia Gae (cowry shells), Palad Khik (penis amulets) and Kumarn Tong (golden child ghosts).

Krueang Rang Maha Niyom Preferred Talismans and Occult Charms

Book 3 (110 Pages); 'Chi Dtamni Krueang Rang' (Points of Recognition and Authenticity) - contains pictorial catalogue with points of recognising authentic Talismans of a host of different kinds, such as carved ivory Animist charms (Monkey, Tiger, Goats and other animals), carved one eyed coconut (Rahu Om Jantr), Look Om powder balls, Mitmor ritual knives, and other Animist charms such as Jingjok geckos, Tapian fish, Tao Ruean turtles, Nam Tao gourds and other amulets.

Chi Dtamni Krueang Rang Amulet Book

These books can be used to absorb and accustom the eyes to the fine details and 'Dtamni' (reference points and features) of true authentic amulets of the great masters of the past and present. Please click on the gallery images to view an extensive preview of the inner content of each book. The set weights 1.5 KG packed, and costs for shipping will be added and calculated before you reach checkout.

Thai Amulet books and magazines are known for their tendency to be printed in limited numbers, and become immense rarities within a short time after release, and the collection of encyclopedic works is a cult niche in itself, apart from being one of the most important posessions of the true serious student aficionado of Pra Niyom category amulets. prices rise very fast as editions go out of print, and become unavailable, making such works immense rarities in themselves, and hence, are not just an essential part of the reference material of amulet collectors, but also highly prized collectors items in themselves, and the pride of the serious collector of rare publications

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