One of the rarest and most highly revered and sought after Palad Khik of all Time, the Palad Khik Gae Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam Dong Jarn Mer, of Luang Por Fak, of Wat Nikom Prachasan. Hand carved from sacred Deva inhabited black Ngiw treewood. The Palad Khik of Luang Por Fak is considered amongst the top five Palad Khik of all time, and carries Supreme Eminence in the Thai Collector Scene of the Krueang Rang Category, and for all Devotees of Palad Khik amulets.

Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak with Hand Spell Inscriptions

Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak with Hand Spell Inscriptions

Little is known of his Biography or Life before ordination, but it is known that he was the apprentice in Wicha to the great Luang Por Soke (also top 5 Palad Khik Master), and was the4 Kroo Ba Ajarn who taught the Wicha Palad Khik to the Great Luang Por Yid, of Wat Nong Jork. This Palad Khik from Luang Por Fak is in Pristine condition and exquisitely carved in the classic uniquitious curved shape which has come to be a trademark with the Palad Khik of Luang Por Fak.

A hole is drilled through the base of the Palad Khick for threading a cord through and attaching to a waistcord belt, or can alternatively be encased in waterproof casing with pendant hoop for wearing on a neckchain or belt as preferred.

Hole drilled in base of Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak

Hole drilled in base of Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak, for threading a cord for attachment to a belt or neckchain  – Hand spell inscriptions can be seen on the surface of the sacred black Paya Ngiw Dam Dong Treewood.

The back of the Palad Khik has three holes where special Muan Sarn is inserted. The body of the the Palad Khik is formed in the clasic curved shape which has become known to be ubiquitous with the Palad Khik of this Master. This exhibit is extremely rare for the hand inscription of the Yant Dan Dta (Yant Dto) on the head of the Palad Khik, which is said to be found on only very rarely.

The Palad Khik of Luang Por Fak are highly renowned for Kong Grapan Chadtri (Invincibility), Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Deadly Accidents), Metta Maha Niyom n(Mercy Charm), Kaa Khaay (Selling Power), and Lai Phuudt Phii Pisaj (Chase Demons and Ghosts Away).

3 Muan Sarn Inserts in the Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak

3 Muan Sarn Inserts in the Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak

The Palad Khik is empowered with the Kata; NA HI HA HU JA CHA DAN DTA
And the Kata Hua Jai Taw Waes Suwan “WAE SA PU SA”, and the Kata Hua Jai Ittijae for Metta Maha Sanaeh “I TA KA MA”, as well as the Kata Hua Jai Metta Karaniya Sutta “AE DTANG SA DTING”, topped off with the Hua Jai Maha Ud “UT TANG AD TO”.


11 Kinds of Blessings are included within the Magic of the Palad Khik’s Wicha; 1. Sleep peacefully, 2. Awaken with Happiness, 3. Protection against all Deadly Weaponry, 4. Immunity to Poisons, 5. Mercy Charm, 6. Good Business and Wealth Increase, 7. Convincing Speech, 8. Ward off Evil Spirits and Ghosts, 9. Improve Karma, 10. Protect Household and Property, 11. Increase Popularity & Chances of Promotion.

Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak

Palad Khik Mai Ngiw Dam Dong LP Fak

The Palad Khik is an Ancient Wicha, whose development can be traced right back to the Vedic Brahman Occult practices of Thousands of Years ago. Palad Khik amulets must be empowered by the repetition of incantations, which Thais call ‘Kata Bucha’, derived from the Devanagari ‘ghata poojah’. The incantations depend on the creator’s lineage in each school of traditional non-Buddhist animist magic.

Kata Bucha Palad Khik

Ganha Neha Na Ma Pa Ta


Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Mo Put Taa Ya Gan Ha Nae Ha Na Ma Pa Ta


Om Siwaling Sabbha Metta Sabbha Pokaa Sabbha Laapo Sabbha Tanaa, Sabbha Yasa, Sabbha Pranee Sabbha Mangalaani Bhavantume.



Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Samsip Sorng Hee Hae Hom Lorm Dtorm Kuay Khor Hai Guu Ram Ruay Pro Hua Kuay An Nii Da Daa Di Dii Duu Dii Hee Maa Kuay Maa Burut Maa Dii Sadtrii Mii Maa Swaa Home


chant any one, or all of the Kata 3 times holding the Palad Khik before wearing

Paya Suea Khee Palad Khik Tiger Phallic Nuea Tong Pasom - Luang Por Kong - Wat Wang Sapparot


Paya Suea Khee Palad Khik Tiger Phallic Nuea Tong Pasom - Luang Por Kong - Wat Wang Sapparot 03062

Paya Suea KHee Palad Khik Tiger riding a Phallic Lingam, in Nuea Tong Pasom Alchemical Brazen Alloy. The Palad Khik measures 5 Centimeters long, and Has Sacred Khoim Agkhara spell inscriptions embossed into the surface of the amulet.

Luang Por Kong was famous for Palad Khik and Tiger amulets, and other Animist Charms of this variety. This can be considered a rare opportunity to obtain such an inimitable occult charm from this Great master of Yesteryear.

Luang Por Kong of Wat Wang Sapparot was an Internationally revered and highly proficient sorcerer monk whose amulets have graced the annals of Officially documented Masterpiece encyclopedias and magazines, and have since many years become legendary classics. The Wicha Paya Suea Maha Amnaj is an ancient Wicha that was used by warriors, and by those in high positions of command and office, to instill respect and admiration, fearfulness and obedience in the hearts of those who approach. The Maha Amnaj Dominion Magic is complimented by the Immense Maha Sanaeh power of the Palad Khik Lingam Phallic, and imbues Virility and sensual Attraction power to the wearer.

His tiger amulets are seen in many forms, ranging from Palad Khik tigers, to tigers carved in various natural matertials such as horn, tooth, ivory, wood, and even smelted into metallic statuettes. His Monk coins, and Sacred Powder amulets, Takrut and Palad Khik have graced the pages and covers of Top Thai Buddhist Amulet magazines for decades. Luang Por Kong began to become both Nationally and Internationally famous during the 2nd World War, as he began to make Yant Shirts and Yantra Flags, and his now famous Palad Khik amulets.

He would issue them continuously as he made them. Many high ranking members of the police force, and military force, as well as members of the Royal Court have been said to have worn his amulets, and experienced their miraculous powers. Indeed there are many officially recorded tales of such events. His amulets are famed for his immense power of Maha Lap, Kaa Khaay, Metta Maha Saneh and Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Chadtri Power.

His Patipata (Purity and Diligence of Practice as a Buddhist Monk) were Legendary. His great generosity was unequaled and he would never refuse anybody his help. He was famed for always taking in and helping people who were ill and suffered sicknesses, and to offer them his full assistance.

$58 U.S.
Temple:Wat Wang Sapparos
Maker of Amulet:Luang Por Kong
Weight:18 Grams
Recommended Uses:Protection, Power and Status, Commanding Influence, Invincibility, Virility, Seductive Influence
Size of Amulet:5 Cm
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