Ancient Amulet

Incantations and Empowerments are often performed within Caves

What are Thai amulets and why do Thai people wear them?

What are Thai Amulets? Thai Amulets range from a great number of types, with Buddhist amulets, differing from other types of amulets such as Brahman/Hindu, Animist, Necromancy related, and even...

Look Om Jet Paya Chang Sarn Luang Por Ding

Look Om Jet Paya Chang Sarn Amulet LP Ding Wat Bang Wua

One of the top Look Om of all Time; the Immortal Look Om Jet Paya Chang Sarn, of Luang Por Ding (Wat Bang Wua, Chachoengsao), in Nuea Dam Black Prai...

1st Prize Certificate of Authenticity Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn 2515 LP Tim Blue

Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn 2515 LP Tim Blue with Takrut Maha Bpraab 1st Prize Trophy Winner

The Pra Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn 2515 BE Pim Yai Nuea Khaw Sukh Pasom Pong Prai Kumarn Ta Ya Wan See Fa, is a unique and highly sought-after amulet....

Pidta Hlang Baeb LP Gaew

Rare Pid Ta by Luang Phu Kaew Early Era Ancient Sacred Collectible Amulet

Rare Pid Ta Hlang Baeb Nuea Pong Puttakun Amulet by Luang Phu Kaew Early Era Kruea Wan Wat Collectible The Pra Pid Ta Hlang Baeb of LP Kaew, Wat Kruea...

Pra Nang Paya 1st edition 2543 Luang Por Dtat Wat Chai Na

 Pra Nang Paya Nuea Khamin Sek Dtid Gesa Luang Por Dtat; A Rare and Sacred Benjapakee Amulet In the heart of Thai Buddhist history lies a treasure that transcends time,...

Luang Por Tuad statue Wat Huay Mongkol

Luang Por Tuad: The Revered Master Monk of Southern Thailand

In the heart of Thailand’s rich spiritual history, lies the legend of Luang Por Tuad, also known as “Luang Pu Tuad,” a name that resonates deeply in every corner of...

Pra Yord Khun Pol Wat Bang Pra 2541 BE

Khun Phaen Yord Khun Pol Luang Por Phern Wat Bang Pra

Pra Pim Khun Phaen Yord Khun Pol: A Sacred Amulet of Protection and Blessings In the world of Thai amulets, few hold as much prestige and power as the Pra...

Luang Por Koon's Mitmor Dagger - Spiritual Protection

Mitmor Luang Por Koon Wat Ban Rai

An exceptionally rare and certified genuine amulet hailing from the ‘Krueang Rang’ Talismanic category created by the revered Luang Por Koon during the mid-era of his leadership at Wat Ban...

Suea Yant Kong Grapan Chadtri Maha Ud Sacred Yantra Shirt - an Immensely rare item of the Great Luang Por Lae, of Wat Pra Song in petchburi

Sacred Yantra Shirt Suea Yant Luang Por Lae Wat Pra Song

An exceptionally rare and ancient Suea Yant Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad Maha Ud Serm Yos, impeccably preserved, adorned with a plethora of Sacred Yant. This sacred yantra shirt, an...

Pra Pong Supan Kria Wat Phra Sri Mahatat Certificated Amulet

Pra Pong Supan Kru Wat Pra Sri Mahatat Benjapakee Hiding Place Amulet

An all time ‘top 5’ classic amulet of the Benjapakee Family; Pra Pong Supan Pim Hnaa Gae, in Nuea Din, with certificate of authenticity in red sacred baked clay. A...

Phra Kring front and rear

Phra Kring: The Sacred Medicine Buddha

The Mystical Legend of Phra Kring: The Sacred Medicine Buddha Phra Kring, also known as the Medicine Buddha or Phra Buddha Bhaisajayaguru, stands as a revered figure in the mystical...

Rian Run Raek Luang Por Hmun

Rian Laekh 1 Luang Phu Hmun Wat Ban Jan

The most highly preferred and rare guru monk coin amulets of the great Master Monk Luang Phu Hmun of Wat Ban Jan, in Sri Saket, the ‘Rian Run Raek’, or,...

Amulets of Luang Phu Songk Wat Jao Fa Sala Loi

Magic Tobacco of Luang Por Songk Wat Jao Fa Sala Loi

Ya Sen (Ya Soop) of Luang Por Songk: In the realm of mystical charms and spiritual treasures, there exists a rare and sacred magical charm known as the Ya Sen...

Takrut Maha Solos Mongkol Luang Phu Iam

Takrut Maha Solos Mongkol LP Iam Wat Saphan Soong

The Sacred Takrut Maha Solos Mongkol: A Divine Amulet of Power and Fortune An eternal classic and highly powerful amulet; the Takrut Maha Solos Mongkol Thak Chueak Long Long Rak...

Religious Rights Banned in Singapore

The Crazy Ban on Pidta Amulets in Singapore in the 70s

Controversy Surrounding Phra Pidta During the 1970s in Singapore, it was deemed illegal to brandish the image of Phra Pidta, which carried a negative connotation as the government felt that it was inspiring youth to commit crimes without fear of getting caught. Followers also believed they could get into fights without feeling pain, thus inspiring criminal acts and violence. However, it is important to note that this information is not supported by any concrete evidence and is simply written here as an interesting narrative.

Phra Pidta Thai Amulets

Phra Pidta amulets are fascinating objects that hold great spiritual significance in Thai Buddhist culture. They are believed to offer protection and connect the wearer with the divine, embodying the state of Nirodha and ultimate liberation from suffering. Whether you are a collector, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about this fascinating aspect of Thai culture, Phra Pidta amulets are well worth exploring. By choosing an authentic amulet and caring for it properly, you can tap into the power and mystery of these miniature Buddhist arts.

Luang Por Ngern Run Fa Kamron

Luang Por Ngern Amulet Fa Kamron Edition Wat Bang Klan

Roop Lor Luang Phor Ngern Fa Kamron Edition Thai Monk Amulet

Powerful Pra Kam Khaw Thai Amulet of LP Lersi Lingdam

LP Lersi Lingdam's Pra Kam Khaw amulet, a revered Thai Buddhist talisman famous for its miraculous abilities in promoting wealth, protection, and good fortune.