Pra Upaku (Pra Bua Khem) 2512 BE Wat Pra Singh

Pra Upakut , otherwise known as Pra Bua Khem, was an Arahant who the Buddha praised for his great magical powers, and who was said by the Lord Buddha to be the most powerful of all the Arahants. Before the Buddha entered Nirvana, he asked Pra Upakut to remain alive until the coming of Pra Arya Sri Maedtrai (Maitreya), and protect the Buddha Sasana and the teachings of the Dhamma. It is believed by Thai Buddhists, that he is still alive to this day, and resides in the middle of the Great Ocean, with a Lotus leaf on his head, and remain alive throughout the Aeons to rise to the assistance of the Dhamma whenever needed, and to help Sentient Beings.