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Ancient Amulet offers a stunning collection of authentic Thai amulets that have been revered for centuries. Our collection features ancient Thai Buddhist amulets of grand stature and renown, including masterpiece antique Thai amulets and Buddhist miniature arts. Whether you are a devoted collector or a respected enthusiast of high-end amulets and occult rarities, our collection of ancient and semi-ancient amulets is sure to captivate your attention. We specialize in providing authentic Thai amulets from all eight artistic periods of Siamese Buddhist and Brahman religious arts of Thailand. Our collection also includes classic masterpiece amulets from Thailand’s most sought-after guru monks and lay masters.

These powerful and rare ancient amulets are from the great Buddhist masters of ancient times and are of guaranteed authenticity. For centuries, Thailand has been world-famous for its magical amulets and Buddhist votive tablets. At Ancient Amulet, we provide old and ancient antique master-class Thai amulets of authenticity from the great Buddhist masters and occultists of olden days. Our collection of ancient amulets is hardly to be found in the present era, and we take pride in providing genuine and rare pieces.

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Ancient Amulet invites you on an extraordinary journey into the realms of time-honored Thai amulets. Our curated collection boasts magnificent Thai Buddhist amulets of grand stature and reputation, featuring both masterful antique pieces and miniature artistic wonders. Whether you’re an avid collector or a connoisseur of exquisite amulets and occult curiosities, our assortment of ancient and semi-ancient amulets promises to enthrall.

We specialize in sourcing authentic Thai amulets spanning all eight artistic epochs of Siamese Buddhist and Brahman religious arts. Our selection showcases classic masterpieces crafted by Thailand’s most revered guru monks and lay masters. Each amulet in our collection bears the authentic aura of ancient wisdom and power.

These rare and potent relics originate from the eminent Buddhist masters of bygone eras, guaranteeing their authenticity. Thailand’s reputation for producing mystical amulets and Buddhist votive tablets has endured for centuries. At Ancient Amulet, we proudly offer genuine antique Thai amulets from the legendary Buddhist masters and occultists of yesteryears. Our assortment of ancient amulets is a precious rarity in today’s world, representing a heritage of authenticity and rarity.

Ancient Amulet Blog

Rian Mangorn Koo Luang Phu Hmun Wat Ban Jan

Rian Mangorn Koo Rare Version Nava Loha 2 Codestamps LP Hmun

A pristinely kept and extremely rare Rian Mangorn Koo Nuea Nava Loha Pim Pised Dtok Sorng Code Ma Wat Pha Nong Lom Run Sao Ha Maha Sethee 5th Lunar Saturday...

Pra Somdej Bang Khun Prohm Pim Sen Daay Kru Gao 3rd Prizewinner Ancient BenjapakeeAmulet (38)

Somdej Bang Khun Prohm Kru Gao Pim Sen Daay 3rd Prizewinner

A 3rd Prize winning Competition Standard Master-Class amulet of the Benjapakee Immortal Classic Family, the Pra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prohm Kru Gao (Chedi Yai), Pim Sen Daay Kru Gao....

Carved Tooth Tiger Amulet LP Parn Wat Bang Hia (Wat Bang Bor)

Carved Tooth Tiger Amulet Lp Parn Wat Bang Bor

Khiaw Gae Suea Jarn Mer Sacred Carved Tiger Amulet made from tooth, with hand inscription by the Great Luang Por Parn of Wat Klong Dan Previously ‘Wat Bang Hia’) –...

Pra Khun Phaen Song Pol Yai Fak Kru No 1000 Luang Phu Tim

Khun Phaen Song Pol Luang Phu Tim Early Era Pra Kroo

Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Pim Song Pol Yai Takrut Koo No.1000 with Authenticity Certificate Silver Casing Luang Phu Tim. This amulet is one of a batch which was placed in...

Carved Walrus Bone Tiger Amulet Luang Por Tim Wat Laharn Rai

Pure Animist Kong Grapan Chadtri Maha Amnaj Magic inimitably carved into the shape of a tiger  and empowered with the Wicha Suea Maha Amnaj РCarved from powerful Graam Chang...

Mae Chee Bun Ruean Buddhist Nun Statuette Wat Awut

Roop Lor Mae Chee Bun Ruean 2521 BE Dtok Code Niyom With Casing Blessed by Luang Phu To at Wat Awut An extremely rare limited edition Pim Niyom amulet that...

The Pra Pid Ta Wat of Sapan Sung Temple, is a Dtamra (legendary series) that spans over various generations of abbots, all of whom have managed to gain equal fame and high repote for their Pra Pid Ta amulets, all of which preserve the style and methods of the original Wicha made so famous by Luang Phu Iam.

Old Pidta Pim Chalud Black Lacquered Amulet LP Tong Sukh Wat Sapan Sung

Ancient Amulet Proudly Presents the all time classic Pra Pid Ta Pim Chalud Nuea Pong Jum Rak amulet of Luang Por Tong Sukh. An Ancient Pra Niyom Master-Class Amulet made...

Rian Luang Phu Hmun Ngern Ngern Tong

Rian Hmun Ngern Hmun Tong Pim Lai Mai Mee Pod Luang Por Hmun Wat Ban Jan

Rian Hmun Ngern Hmun Tong Prakam 18 Met Pim Niyom Lai Mai Mee Pod Block Hnaa Bow Lek Code Ma Nuea Tong Daeng Rom Dam Luang Phu Hmun TidtasilŇć Special...

Pra Gleep Bua Amulet with Yant Trinisinghae Luang Phu To Wat Pradoo Chimplee

Pra Gleep Bua Amulet with Yant Trinisinghae Luang Phu To Wat Pradoo Chimplee The Pra Pratan Gleep Bua Hlang Yant Trinisinghae Muan Sarn Sacred Powders amulet, was released after Buddha...

Takrut Tone Kong Grapan Chadtri Metta Luang Por Yid Wat Nong Jork

Takrut Tong Daeng Cord Wrap Luang Por Yid

Takrut Tone Tong Daeng Sacred Copper Yantra Foil scroll spell with yellow cord wrapping, for Kong Grapan Chadtri and Metta Maha Niyom, early era amulet from Luang Por Yid, of...

Look Om Chan Hmak Mid Era Luang Por Tob

Legendary Look Om Chan Hmak Amulet of Luang Por Tob

One of the more famous types of ‘Krueang Rang’ talismanic amulets of the Great Luang Por Tob (Wat Chon Daen), is the Look Om Chan Hmak Gesa, Sacred Areca-Betel Nut...

Look Om Maha Gan Luang Por Kong Wat Bang Gaporm

Top 5 Look Om Maha Gan Amulet Luang Por Kong

Look Om Maha Gan Nuea Pong Wised Luang Por Kong Wat Bang Gaporm circa 2480 BE Presenting a Look Om of ¬†‘Benjapakee of Look Om’ Top 5 Status, the Look...

Lion of Lucky Fortunes Amulet of Ajarn Bua

Presenting a very rare amulet just arrived in one of our affiliated stores at Thailand Amulet from the year 2519 BE, the Sing Dto Maha Lap sacred Himapant Lion of...

Pra Prajam Wan Amulet Luang Phu To Wat Pradoo Chimplee Traimas Edition Bailan Powders

Pra Prajam Wan Birthday Buddha of Luang Phu To

Ancient Amulet Classics  amulet blog series presents The Pra Pim Pra Put Prajam Wan Hlang Yant Trinisinghae Birthday Buddha amulet for your study. The Pra Pong Pim pra Prajam Wan...

Takrut Tone Luang Phu Nai Wat Ban Jaeng

Takrut Tone of Luang Phu Nai Wat Ban Jaeng

Presenting a highly recommendable and powerful amulet from one of the great Masters, as equally powerful as many much higher priced alternatives of other great Masters of the time. The...

The Amulets of Luang Por Chaeng Wat Bang Pang

Buddha Riding Animals and Other Amulets of LP Chaeng

Presenting a look at some of the most classic ancient amulets of the great Luang Por Chaeng, of Wat Bang Pang, beginning with the Pra Pong Nam Man series, which...

Luang Phu Yen of Wat Sra Bprian

Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn Ancient Amulet Luang Phu Yen

Presenting another rare featured Ancient Amulet, the Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn ‘Wierd Letter P’ Wicha Luang Phu Taep Loke Udorn;¬† The Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn wierd letter P of Luang...


Khun Phaen 15 Luang Phu Tim Nuea Hlueang Takrut Sariga

Presenting a fully authenticated and Pristine Exhibit of the Pra Khun Phaen 15 Block 2 Amulet series of Luang Phu Tim Issarigo (Wat Laharn Rai), in Nuea Hlueang Golden Yellow...