Sacred Burial Place and Hiding Place Amulets are one of our specialties. Expect to see a large number of these kinds of Ancient Amulets as our store grows in size.

Pra Nuea Chin

Sacred Leaden Alchemical Alloys were used to make metallic hiding place amulets

Pra Nuea Din Phao

Baked Clay Amulets can be both buried, baked, sun dried or any of various other methods of creation and empowerment.


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Ancient Amulets from Thailand's Buddhist Masters

We specialize iin varuous kinds of rare Ancient Amulets, which we have split into varous categories, both on the blog, and in the store.

Ancient Amulet

Ancient Thai Buddhist Amulets of Grand Stature & Renown

Ancient Amulet – Masterpiece Antique Buddhist Miniature Arts – Ancient & Semi-Ancient Amulets for the Esteemed Collector: Ancient Amulet offers Authentic Amulets from all Eight Artistic periods of Siamese Buddhist and Brahman Religious Art, and Classic Masterpiece Amulets from Thailand’s most Sought After Guru Monks.

Ancient Amulet Blog


Takrut Maha Burut 8 Jampuak Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree

Takrut Hua Jai Maha Burut Bpaed Jam Puak (Takrut of the Heart of 8 kinds of Great Man) Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree. This Takrut is very particularly a Buddhist object of veneration, and most certainly one of the most famous amulets of this type of the last half century.


Pra Pid Ta Sai Rung Amulet Luang Por Pae

Pra Pid Ta Sai Rung, Rainbow colored jumbo sized sacred powder amulet, from internationally acclaimed deceased Thai Guru master monk, Luang Por Pae, of Wat Pikul Tong (Singhburi) .


Pra Somdej riding Garuda Bird – Luang Por Pae 2542 BE

Pra Somdej Luang Por Pae, Wat Pikul Tong - Thaan Krut (Garuda Dais) - Made in the Year 2542 BE in the Metta Baramee Luang Por Pae 94 edition. The amulet was made in various versions, all of which, just like most Pim from this master, are now becoming extremely difficult to find many remaining examples of.

Pra sum gor ancient amulet

Pra Sum Gor Chud Somg Wat Pai Lom release – Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai)

Pra Sum Gor Chud 2 - Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai) - released due to needed funds for the temple of Wat Pai Lom, in Nakrn Pathom. This classic say good amulet from one of thai amulet history's greatest and most sought after Guru Masters is a Second prize winner contest of Pattaya amulet appreciation society. The amulet comes with the second prize certificate

Bronze Holy Prayer Water + Incense Bowl

Bronze Holy Prayer Water + Incense Bowl with Khmer Sanskrit Inscription – Luang Por Prohm – Wat Ban Suan – Only 30 Made

Chud Khan Nam Montr + Grathaang Toop (Holy Prayer Water Bowl + Incense Bowl) – Luang Por Prohm – Wat Ban Suan 2553 BE – Only 30 Made Sacred Bronze...

Emerald Buddha in Winter Robes Coin Amulet

Emerald Buddha in Winter Robes Coin Amulet – Ratanakosin Bicentennial Edition 2525 BE

Rian Pra Gaew Morakot Song Chud Ruedu Hnaw (Emerald Buddha in Winter Robes) 2525 BE – Bicentennial Ratanakosin Era Memorial Edition – Temple of the Emerald Buddha Rian Tong Daeng...

Pra Pid Ta Sariga Thai Amulet

Pra Pid Ta Sariga Thai Amulet – Sacred Powder, Gold Leaf – Luang Por Niyom 2546 BE

Pra Pid Ta Sariga Nuea Pong Puttakun – Luang Por Niyom – Wat Takian Tia 2546 BE – extremely rare Pra Pid Ta Luang Por Niyom Wat Takian Tia (Bad...

Pra Putta Sihingk 2515 BE

Pra Putta Sihingk 2515 BE – Wat Doi Sutep – Blessed by LP To, LP Kasem, LP Hwaen, LP Guay

Rian Glom Pra Putta Sihingk 2515 BE – Wat Pratat Doi Sutep Racha Wora Wiharn – – Blessed by LP To (Wat Pradoo Chimplee), LP Kasem, LP Hwaen (Wat Doi...

Four Faced Pid Ta

Four Faced Pid Ta – Ancient Buddhist Amulet – Unknown Master (Chonburi)

Pra Pid Ta See Hnaa (Four Faced Pid Ta) – Nuea Pong Kluk Rak Bad Tong (Sacred Powders with black varnish and gold leaf) – Ancient Buddhist Amulet – Unknown...

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