Lucky Goat Pae Maha Lap Luang Por Am

When speaking of the Pae Maha Lap lucky goat amulet, there is one name which stands above all others, and that is the name of Luang Por Am, of Wat Nong Grabork, in Ban Kaay Rayong. Luang Por Am was, along with Masters like Luang Por Horm of Wat Sak Hmak, Luang Por Rerm of Wat Juk Gacher, and Luang Por Chaem, considered among the top Masters of the Province, long before even the Great Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai acheived his fame. Luang Por Am was the Kroo Ba Ajarn of the Great Luang Por Lat (Wat Nong Grabork), who is famed in his own right for his powerful Pae Maha Lap Hand Carved Goat Amuletsม which he of course mastered under the tutelage of Luang Por Am.

Pae Maha Lap Lucky Goat amulets of LP Am

Pae Maha LapLucky Goat and other carved amulets of LP Am

The male Goat is known for the fact that it is able to keep a whole herd of dozens of females under his ownership, through merciful and protective influence. It is thus believed that who wears the Pae Maha Lap Khao Kwai Gae Sacred buffalo horn Goat amulets of Luang Por Am, will be an owner and controller of great possessions and wealth, with grand entourage.

Below; Luang Por Am, of  Wat Nong Grabork

Luang Por Am

Luang Por Am, or ‘Pra Kroo Taep Sittaa, was one of the Great Masters of the Central-Eastern Provinces during His Era, and the ex abbot of Wat Nong Grabork from 2431 – 2490 BE. He was rrespected and revered all around the Province, and had Great fame around the Nation for his Powerful Wicha. During his lifetime he became known as the top Master for carved Lucky Goat amulets. What is less known, and is of immense interest to investigate the lineage Wicha of the Pae Maha Lap, is the fact that Luang Por Am himself received this Wicha from Luang Por Dtaeng of Wat Ang Sila.

Luang Por Am was abbot of Wat Nong Grabork between the years 2431 to 2490 BE, being a Gaeji Ajarn of around 150 years ago, and was the Kroo Ba Ajarn teacher of many other great names of the time, such as Luang por Rerm of Wat Juk Gacher, and Luang Por Lat of Wat Nong Grabork (his successor and apprentice in magick). The Pae Maha Lap Nuea Khao Kwai Gae of Luang Por Am, is believed to possess the power to absorb Black Magick and protect the wearer/devotee from being affected.

It can be said that the Pae Maha Lap of Luang Por Am, Luang Por Lat, and now Pra Atigarn Surasit Akkawaro, the current abbot (written 2562 BE), are considered the ‘cream of the crop’, by serious devotees of the Pae Maha Lap, along with those other Great Chonburi Masters whose names carry fame for this Wicha such as Luang Phu Tim, uang Por Sakorn, Luang Phu Sin.

The Pae Maha Lap of Luang Por Am, was almost always made by carving a goat from ‘Khao Kwai Fa Pha Dtaay’, which is the horn of a buffalo which died struck by lightning in a field. It is an ancient magical belief that the horn of a lightning-struck bull or buffalo has the power of angelic beings in it, for indeed, the angelic beings of the elemental realms who control the weather, are who control these divine forces of Nature.

After the carving of the shape of the goat, Luang Por Am would then empower the Goats with incantations, and invocations of elemental powers and angelic beings, with Buddhist Blessings on top. Sometimes he would immerse them in aromatic sacred oils to consecrate them, mixed with herbal oils made from herbs and vines and flowers of the forest, with magical, healing, protective, and attraction powers. He would rebless them again and again until he felt the amulets were completely stuffed as full with magic as possible, and unable to insert any more. The magic within the amulets was hence always filled to the brim before distribution.

Palad Khik Ling Jab Hlak Carved Sacred Wood Monkey-Lingam Hand Inscriptions - Luang Por Glan - Wat Intarawat

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The Palad Khik Ling Jab Hlak Phallic Amulet with hand carved Himapant Forest Vanora Monkey holding the shaft of the Lingam, is an Iconic and world famous amulet of the Great Luang Por Glan, of Wat Intarawat, in Ang Tong Province.

The Palad Khik Ling Jab Hlak of Luang Por Glan, is a result of the Wicha which Luang Por Glan received from his Kroo Ba Ajarn, Luang Por Ding (Wat Bang Wua), and Luang Por Ee of Wat Sattaheeb. Luang Por Glan mastered the Wicha Ling Jab Hlak from Luang Por Ding, who was a Great Master of the Wicha, and whose Vanora Monkey amulets are so highly sought after.

When the the Palad Khik Ling Jab Hlak arises in conversation, one can always be sure to hear the names of Luang Por Ding, and Luang Por Glan mentioned first and foremost, above all, and Luang Por Lae. As to general Wicha Palad Khik (without Vanora Monkey), one should mention Luang Por Yid and Luang Por Ee, Luang Por Iam and Luang Por Kong.

As to Wicha Hanuman in carved amulets that are not Palad Khik, one must also mention the great Luang Por Sun. This Palad measures 7.5 x 3 x 2 Cm and is hand carved from a piece of Sacred tree wood, with hand inscriptions of Khom Agkhara Sanskrit Spells.

The Palad Khik of Luang Por Glan were mostly carved from wood taken from a Sacred Tree believed to be inhabited by a powerful Prai Deva spirit. Luang Por Glan also made other carved wooden animist charms such as the Nok Kum, Hanuman, Nang Kwak Hua Palad, Choo Chok Hua Palad, and other images.

Luang Por Glan is considered one of the Great Masters of the Ang Tong Province, whoe Palad Khik are amongst the most highly preferred. Luang Por made them mostly by his own hand, throughout all eras of his trajectory.

His early Palad Khik were mostly hand inscribed with a Hlek Jarn metallic inscription instrument, and some were filled with some Muan Sarn Sacred Powders in the base or the head. Some were also made with a Takrut inserted. His later era Palad Khik were more often hand carved and inscribed in ink. He made Palad Khik in small medium and large Bucha sizes, in a multitude of forms, all of which are inimitably carved in their own certain style and fashion, and are highly unusual and original in their appearance.

The Ling Jab Hlak Vanora is empowered through the Wicha Hanuman Jab Hlak, containing all the powers attributed to this Wicha, including Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan Chadtri, Metta Maha Niyom. Luang Por Glan's amulets are known for their powerful Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm, Kaa Khaay for good business, and Maha Lap Magic for Lucky Fortunes and Gambling Windfalls. Luang Por Glan passed away in the year 2520 BE.

Luang Por Glan Wat Intrawas

The Palad Khik Amulet

Palad Khik are made in all sizes, ranging from miniature ones the size of your little finger, right up to ones which are higher than a human. Palad Khik are extremely popular with Thai people, worn as amulets tied to a 'Chueak Takrut Kart Aew' cord around their waist.

belief in the Lingam, or 'Lingk' (Thai pronunciation) phallic energy, is derived from the Brahman influence which has been inflected on Thai Theravada Buddhism since both belief systems came to Siam more than one or two thousand years ago. It is believed that the Lingam energy is the source of all life forms in the Universe.

This is the root of the act of reverence (Bucha/Poojah) to the Shiva Lingam , which honors Shiva as the Lord of the World. Brahmanism is a living part of Thai Buddhist ceremonial practice, and the revering of Deities from the Brahman Hinduistic Pantheon is commonplace.

Kata Palad Khik

1. For Metta

Na Hae Na Haa Na Sok Tee Maa See Gaa Tee Nang Hua Rao Hai Dang Ukhik Dtakhak Hying Hen Hying Rak Chay Hen Chay Tak Kon Rak Tang Mueang Paa Nich Paa Bpai Kaa Khaay Saam Duean Dai Luean Bpen Sethee Ukhik Dtakhak Ukhik Dtakhak

2. For Metta and Maha Pokasap

Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Mo Put Taa Ya Gan Ha Nae Ha Na Ma Pa Ta Om Siwaling Sabbha Metta Sabbha Pokaa Sabbha Laapo Sabbha Tanaa, Sabbha Yasa, Sabbha Pranee Sabbha Mangalaani Bhavantume.

Kata Palad Khik Jao Sanaeh (for Seduction of Lovers)

Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Samsip Sorng Hee Hae Hom Lorm Dtorm Kuay Khor Hai Guu Ram Ruay Pro Hua Kuay An Nii Da Daa Di Dii Duu Dii Hee Maa Kuay Maa Burut Maa Dii Sadtrii Mii Maa Swaa Home

Kata Hanuman

Palad Khik Liang Jab Hlak Penis Amulet LP Glan

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