Lucky Goat Pae Maha Lap Luang Por Am

When speaking of the Pae Maha Lap lucky goat amulet, there is one name which stands above all others, and that is the name of Luang Por Am, of Wat Nong Grabork, in Ban Kaay Rayong. Luang Por Am was, along with Masters like Luang Por Horm of Wat Sak Hmak, Luang Por Rerm of Wat Juk Gacher, and Luang Por Chaem, considered among the top Masters of the Province, long before even the Great Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai acheived his fame. Luang Por Am was the Kroo Ba Ajarn of the Great Luang Por Lat (Wat Nong Grabork), who is famed in his own right for his powerful Pae Maha Lap Hand Carved Goat Amuletsม which he of course mastered under the tutelage of Luang Por Am.

Pae Maha Lap Lucky Goat amulets of LP Am

Pae Maha LapLucky Goat and other carved amulets of LP Am

The male Goat is known for the fact that it is able to keep a whole herd of dozens of females under his ownership, through merciful and protective influence. It is thus believed that who wears the Pae Maha Lap Khao Kwai Gae Sacred buffalo horn Goat amulets of Luang Por Am, will be an owner and controller of great possessions and wealth, with grand entourage.

Below; Luang Por Am, of  Wat Nong Grabork

Luang Por Am

Luang Por Am, or ‘Pra Kroo Taep Sittaa, was one of the Great Masters of the Central-Eastern Provinces during His Era, and the ex abbot of Wat Nong Grabork from 2431 – 2490 BE. He was rrespected and revered all around the Province, and had Great fame around the Nation for his Powerful Wicha. During his lifetime he became known as the top Master for carved Lucky Goat amulets. What is less known, and is of immense interest to investigate the lineage Wicha of the Pae Maha Lap, is the fact that Luang Por Am himself received this Wicha from Luang Por Dtaeng of Wat Ang Sila.

Luang Por Am was abbot of Wat Nong Grabork between the years 2431 to 2490 BE, being a Gaeji Ajarn of around 150 years ago, and was the Kroo Ba Ajarn teacher of many other great names of the time, such as Luang por Rerm of Wat Juk Gacher, and Luang Por Lat of Wat Nong Grabork (his successor and apprentice in magick). The Pae Maha Lap Nuea Khao Kwai Gae of Luang Por Am, is believed to possess the power to absorb Black Magick and protect the wearer/devotee from being affected.

It can be said that the Pae Maha Lap of Luang Por Am, Luang Por Lat, and now Pra Atigarn Surasit Akkawaro, the current abbot (written 2562 BE), are considered the ‘cream of the crop’, by serious devotees of the Pae Maha Lap, along with those other Great Chonburi Masters whose names carry fame for this Wicha such as Luang Phu Tim, uang Por Sakorn, Luang Phu Sin.

The Pae Maha Lap of Luang Por Am, was almost always made by carving a goat from ‘Khao Kwai Fa Pha Dtaay’, which is the horn of a buffalo which died struck by lightning in a field. It is an ancient magical belief that the horn of a lightning-struck bull or buffalo has the power of angelic beings in it, for indeed, the angelic beings of the elemental realms who control the weather, are who control these divine forces of Nature.

After the carving of the shape of the goat, Luang Por Am would then empower the Goats with incantations, and invocations of elemental powers and angelic beings, with Buddhist Blessings on top. Sometimes he would immerse them in aromatic sacred oils to consecrate them, mixed with herbal oils made from herbs and vines and flowers of the forest, with magical, healing, protective, and attraction powers. He would rebless them again and again until he felt the amulets were completely stuffed as full with magic as possible, and unable to insert any more. The magic within the amulets was hence always filled to the brim before distribution.

Pra Pim Samadhi Gleep Bua Hlang Pidta Nuea Maekapat Circa 2450 - 60 BE - Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew

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Pra Gleep Bua Nuea Maekapat (Made Circa 2450 BE) - Lotus Petal Buddha Amulet, in Alchemical Mercurial Lek Lai Alloy - Luang Phu Bun (3 July 2491 BE - 30 March 2478) Wat Klang Bang Gaew (Nakorn Pathom).

Pra Gleep Bua Maekapat is a very famous and well known recognised Pra Niyom amulet of the pantheon from Luang Phu Bun. It is now an extremely Rare Ancient Amulet of the Pra Niyom Master-Class of Thai Buddhist Amulets.

Extremely recommendable for its old age, high power, Sacredness, Powerful Monk/Maker, and last but not least, its extremely affordable price compared to other amulets of the Dtamra Luang Phu Bun. An excellent chance to posses and receive the blessings of an authentic ancient amulet from the great Luang Phu Bun.

Luang Phu Bun is one of the Top Master Guru Monks of Thai Buddhist History in both Patipata (Dhamma Practice) as well as for his Magical Prowess in Amulet making, Puttasart, and Saiyasart (Occult Sorcery and Buddha Magic).

The Pra Gleep Bua in Nuea Maekapat Alchemical Metal, is one of the many famous models of amulets for which Luang Phu Bun is so Famously Recognised, and is one of the highly popular models due to the fact that it is still highly affordable, which is not the case with many other amulets from this great Olden Days Master.

His amulets grace the pages of almost every famous catalog and amulet magazine in the High End Collector Publications, and are amongst the highest priced ranging from many hundreds of dollars for the most commonly found amulets, to hundreds of thousands of dollars for his rarest amulets.

Pidta on rear face of Pra Gleep Bu Lotus Petal Buddha Amulet Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew

Luang Phu Bun was a close friend and accomplice in Wicha with the Great Somdej Pra Sangkarach (Pae) of Wat Sutat fame. Pra Sangkarach (Pae) is also one of the Great Historical Masters of Taw Waes Suwan Asura Deva and Pra Kring Amulets from Wat Sutat, whose amulets belong to the priceless treasures category.

They are only to be found in the possession of millionaires and high ranking persons of state importance, and a few lucky extreme collectors and devotees who have kept them throughout the generations, or inherited them as heirlooms from their family members.

Rear face of Pra Pim Samadhii Maekapat Hlang Pidta Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew - Pra Pid Ta image and four Khom Agkara syllables are embossed 'Put Ta Sang Mi', according to the 'Dtamra Pra Maekapat 7 Pim Luang Phu Bun'.

Below; A selection of showcase amulets from Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew World Famous Sacred Amulets of Master Class Status.

A selection of showcase amulets from Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew

Below; Official Documentation Article in Reference Book of the Dtamra Pra Pim Samati Gleep Bua of Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew.

Pra Pim Samadhi Gleep Bua Maekapat

Almost anybody who owns such an amulet will be hard pressed to part with it in any circumstances. This in itself is incredible, because the amulets made from Nuea Maekapat Alchemical Metal, only exist in 7 different Pim (Design Models) of Amulet from Luang Phu Bun.

This particular model is very popular, because despite its great fame and status, it is not as difficult as many other amulets to authenticate using your own sense of perception and judgement.

Its features are clear to recognise, and the tone and color of the Maekapat is different to the usual appearance, due to Luang Phu Bun's use of the Wicha taken from Luang Phu Nak of Wat Huay Jorakhae.

It is said by many that the Maekapat Metal of Luang Phu Bun is Dark Blue-Black and immensely similar to the Maekapat Metals from the Great Master Luang Phu Nak of Wat Huay Jorakhae, whose famous Pra Pid Ta Nuea Maekapat is of Legendary Status and graces the pages of most if not all top Magazines and Collector Catalogues, and Amulet Appreciation Encyclopedias.

There is a good reason for noticing the similarity, for it is known by an old devotee who was around and a follower of Luang Phu Bun during his lifetime, that Luang Phu Bun was a very close friend of Luang Phu Nak at Wat Huay Jorakhae, and that they would exchange their Magical Knowledge and Wicha with each other.

In those days, Luang Phu Nak and his Maekapat Pra Pid Ta amulets were regarded as the number one Maekapat amulets in the country at the time, and it is certain that Luang Phu Bun was given the secrets of this special secret mixture of Alchemical Substances, to produce the very colorful and beautiful, powerful Alchemical substance, which we know as Maekapat.

Including the Pra Pim Gleep Bua Maekapat Amulet, there are 7 official different Pim (models) of Amulets made in Maekapat by Luang Phu Bun;

  1. Pra Pid Ta Maha Ud Hlang Agkhara See Dtua - Pid Ta amulet with 4 Khom Agkhara letters on rear face 'Tu Sa Ma Ni' (Kata Hua Jai Bpatamang).
  2. Pra Pid Ta Maha Ud Hlang Yant Dto - Pra Pid Ta Buddha amulet with a Sacred Yant Dto Yantra spell embossed on rear face.
  3. Pra Pim Samati Gleep Bua Hlang Pid Ta - Lotus Petal shaped frame enclosing a Buddha in Meditation, with a Pra Pid Ta on the rear face.
  4. Pra Pim Samati Gleep Bua Hlang Agkhara See Dtua - Pid Ta amulet with 4 Khom Agkhara letters on rear face 'Pu Ta Sang Mi'; (Kata Hua Jai Bpatamang).
  5. Pra Pim Gleep Bua Sum Hlang Pid Ta - Lotus Leaf shaped frame with Buddha image and arched frame with Pra Pid Ta on rear face.
  6. Pra Pim Luang Por Dto Hlang Pid Ta - Luang Por Dto Image with Pid Ta on rear face . 7. Pra Pim Bua Met Hlang Yant Na Ma Pa Ta - Buddha Image with four Agkhara on rear face 'Na Ma Pa Ta'. Apart from his Maekapat Amulets.

The Wicha Jinda Manee, Wicha Bia Gae (Cowrie Shell), and Wicha Jao Sua Maha Sethee, are of the most Legendary amulet types from Luang Phu Bun, as well as his famous Pra Sek Khamin. The Pra Sek Khamin is a Cumin Powder base amulet used to make various models of Jao Sua and other Buddhist Imagery.

The Bia Gae of Luang Phu Bun is considered the most famous and difficult to find of all Bia Gae that are of Master Class status. All following Masters of Luang Phu Bun's temple have become famous Bia Gae Masters, and continue to rise in procession in line and following after those now immensely unaffordable Bia Gae from Luang Phu Bun.

Below; Bia Gae Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew

The Pong Ya Wasana Jinda Manee of Luang Phu Bun has become almost mythological in its fame for the powers it contains, and is one of the main Muan Sarn Sacred Powder substances used in the amulets of all Masters who came before and after Luang Phu Bun at the Temple of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, beginning with Luang Por Bun, Luang Por Perm, Ajarn Bai, Luang Por Juea, and onwards to the present Abbot, Luang Por Kong (Sanya).

The Wicha Pong Ya Wasana Jinda Manee is considered to be synonymous with the temple of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, and it is common knowledge that this is an inheritance from the great Luang Phu Bun. The Pong Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Muan Sarn Powders of Luang Phu Bun (also known as 'Pra Ya Horm') is a very aromatic Sacred Powder, which uses of course the famous 'Ya Wasana ('Wasana' meaning Lucky Fortunes) is the most famous Muan Sarn of Luang Phu Bun, and has become his Legendary 'Dtamra' (Traditonal Legend of Inheritance Wicha).

The Wicha of Ya Wasana Jinda Manee was developed by Luang Phu from an Ancient Teaching through his Kroo Ba Ajarn, and has since his making the Muan Sarn famously powerful, has been inherited as a Wicha of Muan Sarn powder making for the amulets of the Wat Klang Bang Gaew lineage.

This has been transmitted throughout the ages from Luang Phu Bun, to Luang Por Perm, to Pra Ajarn Bai, to Luang Phu Juea, and now the present Abbot and holder of Luang Phu's now ancient Wicha, Luang Por Kong (Sanya) at Wat Klang Bang Gaew.

Below; Ancient Classic Amulets from Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew, with Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Powders.

Bia Gae Luang Phu Bun

We can see that the present Abbot (Luang Por Kong) now holds the Wicha of Luang Phu Bun, that has been passed through three already Great and Famous Guru Masters who have inherited this Wicha from Luang Phu Bun and who have all passed away in sequence after their long lives and trajectory.

Pra Gleep Buea Pim Samati Hlang Pra Pid Ta amulet Luang Phu Bun

We are hence looking at the amulet of a Master who is already 4 generations the predecessor of the current Abbot, making his amulets truly worthy of the title 'Ancient'. The amulets of Luang Phu Bun are famous for their immense Klaew Klaad and Metta Mahaniyom Powers and their Power of 'Serm Duang' (improve fate and destiny).

Luang Phu Bun Wat Klang Bang Gaew

Pra Pim Samadhi Gleep Bua Hlang Pidta Nuea Maekapat

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