Phra Kring front and rear

The Mystical Legend of Phra Kring: The Sacred Medicine Buddha Phra Kring, also known as the Medicine Buddha or Phra Buddha Bhaisajayaguru, stands as a revered figure in the mystical lands of Mahayana Buddhist countries, such as China, Tibet, and Taiwan. Its presence in Thailand’s Theravada tradition can be traced back to the days when […]

Rian Run Raek Luang Por Hmun

The most highly preferred and rare guru monk coin amulets of the great Master Monk Luang Phu Hmun of Wat Ban Jan, in Sri Saket, the ‘Rian Run Raek’, or, ‘Rian Laekh 1’ amulet, with number 1 code stamp indented into the front surface of the amulet. Although called the ‘Rian Laekh 1’, meaning ‘coin […]